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Potts Lab rings in 2015 with more sugar research!

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Fructose More Toxic than Table Sugar in Mice

Human-relevant levels of added sugar consumption increase female mortality and lower male fitness in mice made news on the front page of Nature as well as in some fun local press.

This scanning electron microscope image shows mouse leukemia virus (yellow particles) emerging or "budding" out of an infected white blood cell (in blue) known as a T-lymphocyte. By allowing this virus to evolve in mice, we produced new evidence that an arms race between microbes and immune-system MHC genes could be responsible for maintaining the amazing diversity of those genes. Many of these MHC genes persist despite the fact that many can cause susceptibility to autoimmune and infectious diseases. Interestingly, an estimated 70-95% of these viral babies are stillborn due to various defects in their genome or development. Read all about it


To answer this question our laboratory utilizes interdisciplinary approaches involving immunology, host-parasite coevolution, behavior, sexual selection and kin selection. Our unique approach includes examining animal behavior and evaluating fitness in seminatural conditions, a methodology that has proven to be a sensitive assay for exploring cryptic phenotypes. The sensitive nature of our assays has lead us to begin to explore the use of our technology to screen substances, including some commonly found in our environment or diet, for adverse effects on mammalian health and vigor.

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Recent Publications

2015 Kubinak, J.L., Stephens, W.Z., Soto, R., Petersen, C., Chiaro, T., Gogokhia, L., Bell, R., Ajami, N.J., Petrosino, J.F., Morrison, L., Potts, W.K., Jensen, P.E., O’Connell, R.M., & Round, J.L. MHC variation sculpts individualized microbial communities that control susceptibility to enteric infection. Nature Communications 6, Article number: 8642view online version

2015 Ruff, J.S., Saffarini, R.B., Ramoz, L.L., Morrison, L.C., Baker, S., Laverty, S.M., Tvrdik,P. & Potts, W.K. Fitness assays reveal incomplete functional redundancy of the HoxA1 and HoxB1 paralogs of mice. Genetics 201, 727-736.view online version

2015 Nelson, A.C., Cunningham, C.B., Ruff, J.S., & Potts, W.K. Expression levels of protein pheromones predict dominant individuals and respond to the formation of social dominance networks. J Evolutionary Biology. 28, 1213-1224.view online version

2015 Zala, S.M., Bilak, A., Perkins, M., Potts, W.K, & Penn, D.J. Female house mice initially shun infected males, but do not avoid mating with them. Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology. 69, 715-722 view online version

2015 Ruff, J.S., Hugentobler, S.A., Suchy, A.K.,Sosa, M.M, Tanner, R.E., Hite, M.E., Morrison, L.C. Gieng, S.H., Shigenaga, M.K. and W.K. Potts. Compared to Sucrose, Previous Consumption of Fructose and Glucose Monosaccharides Reduces Survival and Fitness of Female Mice. The Journal of Nutrition. view online version

2014 Gaukler, S.M., Ruff, J.R., Galland, T., Kandarisa, K.A., Underwood, T.K. Liua, N.M.,Young, E.L., Morrison, L.C., Yost, G.S. and W.K. Potts. Low-dose paroxetine exposure causes lifetime declines in male mouse body weight, reproduction and competitive ability as measured by the novel organismal performance assay. Neurotoxicology and Teratology. view online version

2014 Kubinak, J.L., Cornwall, D.H., Hasenkrug, K.J, Adler, R.R. and W.K. Potts.Serial infection of diverse host (Mus) genotypes rapidly impedes pathogen fitness and virulence. Proceedings B 282:1798 view online version

2013 Nelson, A.C, Cauceglia, J.W., Merkley, S.D., Youngson, N.A., Oler, A.J., Nelson, R.J., Cairns, B.R., Whitelaw, E. & W.K. Potts. Reintroducing domesticated wild mice to sociality induces adaptive transgenerational effects on MUP expression. PNAS view online version

2013 Ruff, J.S., Suchy, A.K., Hugentobler, S.A., Schwartz B.L., Morrison, L.C., Gieng, S.H., Shigenaga, M.K & W.K. Potts. Human-relevant levels of added sugar consumption increase female mortality and lower male fitness in mice. Nature Communications 4, Article number: 2245 view online version

2013 Kubinak, J.L. and W.K. Potts Host resistance influences patterns of experimental viral adaptation and virulence evolution. Virulence. 2013 Jul 1;4(5):410-8. view online version

2013 Cunningham, C.B., Ruff, J.S., Chase, K, Potts, W.K. & Carrier, D.R. Competitive ability in male house mice (Mus musculus): Genetic influences. Behavior Genetics. 43:151-160 view PDF version

2013 Nelson, A.C., Colson, K.E., Harmon, S., & W.K. Potts. Rapid adaptation to mammalian sociality via sexually selected traits. BMC evolutionary biology. 13(1), 81. view PDF version

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