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Salad Party

Here’s what people are saying about the Potts’ lab Salad Party:

Victoria: "I lost all interest in food ‘till I tried salad party, now I can’t wait to eat my salad."

Lara: "I get the greatest satisfaction from sharing my salad with the people"

Kristy: "the combination of candidly crunchy and cool-ly crisp is sublime."

Linda: "It surely beats spending time with the inlaws, and my kids love it!"

Wayne: "What’s salad party?"

Here’s what you do....

  1. Make a salad and bring it to lab.
  2. Eat salad!

Coming to your lab, Friday January, 2001

Starting at 1:00 (in order to accomodate everyone we can).

P.S. Allowances can be made for those who prefer to make desert in place of a salad, especially a chocolate dessert.